Formpaper, manufacturing success



The experience we have built up over the past thirty years and our creative spirit have made us leaders in the manufacturing of customized paper bags.

We have a modern powerful processing plant with all of manufacturing, printing and finishing equipment needed for paper bags.

Our production capacity and versatility mean that we can adapt to all customer profiles, types of bags and commercial sectors.

The European market is the natural area for our sales and service plan, but we are able to supply our products all over the world.



Through our direct sales network we listen to your needs, so that we can find the best design for you, to ensure that your company’s bags are useful and good ambassadors of your brand image.

Using our creative design department, we present tailored projects that emphasize the personality of your bags.

Behind every bag

is a great idea

By your side

and on time

We use our smart logistics system to provide you a premium service:

• Stock of orders with split deliveries.

• Logistic management, from storage and distribution to logistics platforms and/or points of sale.

• Warehouse management and stock control.